All rounder.

Well as many of you know the Pass It On Young Sports sometimes get bitten by the country bug and the transformation takes place under a full moon and turns them into young countrymen. It then starts, a fishing rod, then an air rifle, then a pocket knife, oh and a shotgun, then a 4×4, the list is endless….

But to us its a good thing it  meant at the taster day we did our job right.

So we have several young gentlemen who are showing great promise. These are picked as the Young Sport Ambassadors.

They are Harry, Carter, Oliver, and Chris.

This is a bit of an update from young harry.

Harry, ‘Pass It On Young Country Sports Ambassador’ has been busy this Autumn, so far he’s been sea fishing in Cornwall with Kiwi relatives which sadly yielded no catches but it was good to see the Kiwis’ looking like they’d been slapped with a wet fish after watching the Rugby together …lol.

Harry’s had successful hunting with Rob and the gang and he’s mastered the art of making good use of the contents of his bag.
During food technology at school he’s utilized the meat and twice been awarded ‘Chef of the week’ for creating culinary delights such as ‘Pigeon Pasties’ and ‘Pheasant Biryani’, whilst at home he’s produced meals of Trout, Duck and Rabbit. He’s improving his skills in the art of tanning, currently working on rabbit skins and a dear hide, although his first attempt at taxidermy on a duck was unsuccessful to say the least!……

Even the spent cartridge cases have been put to good use, some filled with pheasant feathers to make a hat adornment for a family friend and others put to use in Harry’s woodworking shed and made into coat hangers.

In Harry’s woodworking shed he continues to take inspiration from
his country sports to re-purpose old pallets into works of art.
Gun dog training has started with ‘Ernie’ the Bracco Italiano as
Harry’s keen to try his hand at beating, But with Ernie being Italian
he’s far more interested in trying to look good and chase the ladies
than any HPR work…..we’ll keep you posted on how that goes.