About Us

Well were to start, a simple idea that grew, oh and grew, and is still growing. So we have moved to a nice shiny new home, we still have all of our great content and a load more as well.

Based in the magnificent west country. We have grown from a small idea at the British Shooting show 2012. Between 2 rough ole country boys (Rob & Greg) to an internationally read magazine jammed to the rafters with some of the best reviews, articles and hunting stories around. So from an idea to a live magazine took a matter of a few months and on the 24 June 2013, well we  went live with our first few articles and it all grew from there.

Now in that time we have changed homes once or twice as we grew and grew to accommodate the ever growing site, and  the old ones just could not handle the sheer volume of traffic we get, so we decamped and re built on this current  site.

We are run from the heart, and it shows in the standard, of our writers, So sit back pour a wee small one, and enjoy the best outdoor magazine on the web.

On PC, laptop and all mobile platforms.