A dip in the ink


Do you record your hunts, or time out in the countryside, do you feel the commercial magazines need better writers, maybe you longed to write years ago and work commitments or the family got in the way.

Maybe you read our humble magazine and wish we wrote about your favourite discipline.

Well we are looking for writers and contributors for the forseable future, from duck hunters to deer stalkers and all in between, maybe you make country themed tools, maybe an activity we havent covered or make farmhouse cakes, maybe jams or ciders, the list is endless, there are country crafts still being practised today as they always have been. Heck even if you are a hunter with a dity for a poem or a rhyme.

Whittling wood or making a hurdle, or maybe something very different.

We want to hear from you, we can offer full editing, and accept photos, videos, youtubes channels, and as many words as you can manage.

We can even run a series on your subject breaking it down for the readers.

Our readers are a fantastic bunch and love to have somebody new to read about. So drop us a mail at the link below.

Mail us: here.