A long time ago I learn’t a very old skill, passed down through the ages, from grandfather to Father and on to Son.

And if like myself, you were lucky enough to be friends with or have the right training, you learn’t a valuable skill, which has helped no end. In my 20 odd year career as a professional chef that skill is butchery, this allowed me to buy meat and prepare  it myself correctly.Still I don’t know everything, but have enough knowledge to get by.

So we have a YouTube star joining the team. with nearly 30 years in his trade, winning young butcher of the year amongst other awards, please welcome Master Butcher.

Scott Rea.



A Worcestershire Boy born and bred.From an early age I had an interest in the countryside and country pursuits.

Im a shooting man,(When time allows these days),and my main passion is field to fork butchery/cookery.
I have been a butcher and fishmonger for 28 years,and I specialize in game cookery and butchery,as I feel this fantastic natural food larder is way underused and sometimes abused.

I run a cookery/ butchery channel on you tube,called TheScottReaProject where I have a wealth of videos on the preparing,and cooking,of all game,meat and fish,and with the knowledge I have built up over the 28 years in the trade,
It allows me to show very detailed butchery master classes and some epic dishes to boot, my philosophy is to keep it simple and delicious,and demystify the cooking of our fantastic ,wild game larder.
So fire up the burners and enjoy some fantastic butchery and cookery.
It my passion,and as I’m fond of saying,
“There is no use having all this knowledge if your not going to share it”


In Scott’s videos, you will learn many skills, but basics first. So from these great videos  you will learn 2 valuable things, how to sharpen a blade, and how to tie a proper butchers knot. a skill not many can do..





As Scott is so so busy cranking out Great videos, we have added his complete playlist for you, FF button takes you on to the next video.