You dirty rat

Hello again guys its JT back again this time I want to chat about….rat shooting! I’m sure your all aware of these disease carry critters they carry various diseases but I’m no scientist to be able to name them all to you so I will not even try! One thing I do know about rats is they multiply very fast and you need to keep on top of the numbers before they get out of hand and you have massive problems.

Rats will and do live in and around livestock it’s provides them with somewhere to dig their warrens be it in dry stone walls under chicken sheds where food is dropped underneath by chickens. grain stores where there’s more than enough food kept there to keep the rats well fed and food and water anywhere that livestock are kept is more or less a heaven to a rat!!



So there’s a few things we can do to keep on top of numbers first and my favorite… shooting them usually placing yourself where you know the rats are showing themselves where you can see their hole entrances or a wall you know the rats run next to. now to keep the rats sitting long enough to shoot many people make a “bait” up now there’s so many concoctions people will swear by one recipe where another on will cry it down as with most things it’s trial and error my personal choice is a cheap chocolate spread not worrying about named brands after all you’re not got to eat it mixed with cooking oil.



Made to the consistency of syrup being runny as it were prevents the rats picking up you bait and buggering off with it they have to lap it up and for those few second gives you enough time to put the crosshairs on your target and give it a deadly dose of lead or as my old mate rob Collins always puts it… a lead aspirin !

I have shot rats in the say and I’m sure a lot of you have but I find the best plan of action for me personally is to wait until dark set my air rifle up(Daystate air ranger or Daystate regal) with my NiteSite ns200 and shoot the rats without them knowing you’re in the vicinity you can pick up the eyesore straight away and then shoot them this combo rally has done me wonders the ns200 really is a cracking bit of kit it does what the manufacturer says I’d recommend them to anyone I really would.

The next popular option is a rat pack, this is where a group of people have a big group of dogs and flush the rats out so the dogs can catch and kill them the packs tend to be terriers and jack Russell’s but as always there’s people who use lots of other breeds to do this type of work and as long as they catch them that’s all that matters!

They tend to lift a hay bale stack or chicken coop and then the rats nesting underneath run always to escape and so then the dogs are on their tales as soon as they spot them quick grab and shake of the head usually kills the rat instantly they also can be dug out where someone digs into the warren and waits for the rats to be disturbed and bolt to the dogs waiting this way large numbers of rats can be caught by having many dogs all working they can often catch hundreds in a day.

Hope ya enjoyed this little explanation of a couple of ways to keep on top of the numbers of rats!