South Somerset Country Supplies.

As a fellow countryman, I’ve always struggled to find good quality products at low prices. That’s just one of the reasons we started South Somerset Country Supplies. I’d first like to start by introducing myself, my names David, I’m 33 and lived and worked in somerset my whole life, both as a farmer and on shoots, beating, picking up and rearing, my partner Lauren and I run this business alongside a fencing and woodworking company and of course having a busy family life with 2 children and 3 dogs!

We have Denzil, the family pet jrt, Tinker, a new edition that we are very much looking forward to training. We also have a very new edition to our family, last week, at 9 weeks old, we picked up our little sprocker puppy named Wren, I’ve trained many gundogs and am very excited about this little girl, she shows all the drive to be an amazing working dog. We’re excited to be given the opportunity to share her progress and training methods with you all but for now she is just being allowed to be a pup.

A little about us as a business. We only starting our company in February of this year (2020) and have, to date, over 800 Facebook page likes and have had too many orders to count! We make handmade paracord items such as leads, lanyards, collars, game carriers and much more! We have also recently started working with leather too which is proving very popular, we again make leads, game carriers and bespoke collars with no machines involved.

All of our products are made by hand to ensure they are made to the highest of quality but are also offered for sale at an extremely competitive price, we don’t feel the need to charge the earth for quality as we understand that in this day and age, price comes into a lot of decisions we make. As well as our Facebook page, we also have a website which has an option to live chat to us or email us, all of our contact info


There is also a page dedicated to the products we have available and the prices of these, although, not everything we offer is on there. We love to take in different and custom orders so if you can’t find what you’re after, give us a message!

We are very much looking forward to working closely with the countryman’s diary and would love to hear from you all, whether that’s for orders or just general chit chat and trading training tips.

Thank you all for reading!