Calling the Shots.

The Real Cutting Edge of Broadheads.


Ask any Archery Hunter this same question and most will have the same answer. When it comes to penetration, what is one component that is most important when archery hunting? The answer to that is the broadhead. There are dozens of broadheads on the market “claiming” they can do certain things and they are the best, etc.

Well I have shot most broadheads available, some low end, some high end, and now I will only shoot with one brand of broadhead because they meet every need and aspect that they claim. These broadheads I am talking about are the OCD’s (Original Circular Design) from Blood Therapy Broadheads. The proof is in the pudding with this company. In the design of this broadhead, they have built them with the consideration of what archers want. Field Point Accuracy, Durability,

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Functionality, Quick Game Recovery and Penetration. This broadhead is the first of its kind, a hybrid. It has the best of both broadhead types, mechanical and fixed. The profile never changes in flight or penetration, making it a fixed broadhead, but the Circular Blade is designed to rotate upon contact with bone ensuring more penetration and better pass trough’s.

With this Circular Blade being able to rotate, it has a mechanical function.The Broadheads are durable; using a tough and unstoppable .039’’ thick Teflon coated 420J2 stainless steel COC (Cut on Contact) blade and a bigger .059’’ thick Teflon coated 420J2 stainless steel circular blade. The Ferrule that houses the blades is made from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum with stainless steel screws making this broadhead one tough product.

The Broadheads themselves are tough, yet simple. You no longer need to worry about blades breaking free from their housing such as you do with most mechanicals, and just like all fixed broadheads, you do not have to worry about O-rings or bands having to hold blades in place.

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Here at Rocky Mountain Rednecks we have tested and beat these broadheads up. Sending them through multiple fabrics, debris, cinderblocks, ply-wood, box targets, 3D targets and real game animals as well. We have seen firsthand the penetration, flight, durability and functionality of this product. The bottom line is this broadhead does exactly what it says it will do.

No more claims; all proof. RMR highly recommends any avid hunter that uses archery equipment to try these out, test them, and see the difference for yourself. The leading edge of broadheads; the leading edge of design. The OCD Broadhead by Blood Therapy Broadheads is by far the gem amongst stones.

Rocky Mountain Rednecks puts our mark on this product and finally have a broadhead that can complete any mission set forth upon us. Embrace Your Disorder with Blood Therapy Broadheads. Check them out at and also

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Also check out some amazing product reviews and tests on these broadheads on our YouTube Channel @RockyMountainRedneckTV. –Steven James – CEO of Rocky Mountain Rednecks


Top Notch Cartridge Game Calls.

cartridge calls


When it comes to predator calls, whether they’re electronic or a mouth call, everybody wants the same thing, great sound and ease of use. There are very few game calls on the market that have both of those qualities.

Typically, the ones that have the sought after sound and operation are the electronic game calls like Western Rivers and Fox Pro.  Both of those electronic game calls have both qualities, they are easy to use and do have good sound quality, but typically they’re bulky and usually weigh a couple pounds.


We all know that a couple pounds isn’t very much, but if your hiking through the back woods a few miles, that couple pounds makes a huge difference. Along with that fact, here in Utah all of the coyotes and other predators are call shy, and it’s very hard to use a electronic call or even most mouth calls and be successful at it.

That is why I prefer to use Cartridge Calls. These calls are made from brass rifle cartridges and shotgun shell as well. These calls have every quality a predator should have; durability, easy operation, great sounds, and even a great price! I’ve been predator hunting for 8 years now and over the years I’ve used many different types of predator calls like the FlexTone, Primo’s, Knight and Hale’s, but none of those calls come even close to the same quality, durability, and sound.  


I made the switch to Cartridge Calls and was blown away with the overall function, but the part that really sold me on the products was the capability to echo through the valleys and canyon’s here in Utah.

When I received my Cartridge Calls, I went out coyote hunting and brought my Western River game caller along with me to use as a comparison. I was absolutely blown away with the performance of the Cartridge Calls! They out-performed my $200 Western Rivers electronic caller, and the sound quality out of the little Cartridge Call was not only a better sound, but it echoed even further and had a greater distance then my Western River.  

It’s always hard to take one persons word for it, but the proof has been proven with the various reviews online and customer feedback.  I’ve made a permanent switch to Cartridge Calls and I highly recommend that you check them out for yourself.

Some other great things about the company who makes these fine calls is the level of customer service that they provide! They’re based out of California, and their products are American made! I ordered two Cartridge Calls on a Thursday and by Monday afternoon they were shipped to my house and ready for the upcoming weekends hunt.


They don’t just only make predator calls though. They also make Deer, Elk, Pig, Turkey, Duck, Bear, and Wild Boar calls. These calls are available on  

Like I said, I would highly recommend that y’all check them out, and get your own top notch Cartridge Game Calls today!

You can also check out are awesome product reviews on these Cartridge Calls on our YouTube channel @RockyMountainRedneckTV, Our Facebook page, Instagram, CamoPhoto and Twitter as well!!
– Troy Allen- Central Utah Chapter President of Rocky Mountain Rednecks.