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Bowhunter1 Fixpandables

Product Review
Kris Maples
Archery America Outdoor Chronicles


When I entered a caption contest in a Facebook group I had no Idea what I was going to win.  I was really trying to win a hat.  After I won I received a message from one of the administrators of the group asking me to contact the owner of Bowhunter1 to receive my free broad-heads.  I had never heard of these, but let’s face it who turns down free.  I messaged them with my address and a couple of days later I received my package in the mail.  I immediately opened it and was blown away.  Not only did they send me broad heads, but also sent a scent elimination spray, and a really cool looking decal.  I was completely amazed with the level of customer service right from the start.  In a day and age, where the all mighty dollar rules, this company went above and beyond what they promised.


Now on to, the broad-heads.

 Before I ever opened the pack I was shocked at the size of these things.  Huge does not describe them, and then I noticed the front set of blades.  The front blade I a ¾” cut on contact fixed blade.  The shape is best described as an upside down heart.  The rear blades which are perpendicular are 2″ folding expandable blade that are held in place by a rubber band until they make contact and then open up to release all the fury and destroy anything in a 2″ radius.  Now I understand the Fixpandable name.  Images of blood trails and carnage instantly danced in my head.  Let me be the first to warn you that these blades are freaky sharp.  I found out the hard way while I was opening them.  Have you every had a cut so clean that you didn’t realize you were cut until you saw the blood?  Freaky Sharp!! After I got my fingers patched up I decided to go back to my high school days and see if they would shave my arm, and they did that easily.

These blades just look vicious, but I do realize that if they don’t fly correctly they will still be worthless.  To test them I put them on 300 spine/.001 Black Eagle Carnivores and shot them out of my Mission Ballistic set on 60 pounds.  I shot in 4 arrow groups into my old worn out block target.  Two were tipped with 100 grain field point and two with 100 grain Fixpandables.  I alternated between the field point and the Fixpandables.  I started at 15 yards because where I usually hunt at most of my shots are less than that.  I shot the field point first to verify that my bow was shooting true, and I was very happy with the shot placement.  I switched to the Bowhunter1 blade, and released a shot. 


I heard this unbelievably loud smack, so I looked for the arrow and didn’t see it.  I figured I missed the target, so I started walking towards it and then I saw my fletching on the ground.  As I approached I realized that I had hit the other arrow.  I was slightly impressed, but figured it may have been a fluke.  I pulled those two arrows and switched the one that was missing the fletch for a good arrow, and checked the Fixpandable and other arrow for damage.  Both were in great shape, and I went back to shooting.  The second round of shots I aimed at different locations on the target, because I hate wasting arrows.  I was more than impressed with the flight of these heads.  After I released the second broadhead I heard another loud smack. 


These things are hitting the target harder than any other head I have ever shot.  The noise it makes when they hit is so much louder than I have ever heard from a foam target.  Again nothing but impressed!  So far we are looking impressive customer service, huge sharp blades, and sturdy, fly straight, and hit really hard.  I can not find anything not to like about these other than they are not available in different colors.

    Now for the final test. Do they do dispatch game in a humane fashion.  I finally got a shot on a decent sized cull buck that I needed to take off my property.  He gave me a broadside shot at 9 yards and I let the arrow fly.  The best way to describe the sound of that broad head hitting its mark is to imagine 2×4 smacking against a tree.  It echoed it was so loud.  My hunting partner was sitting about 120 yards away and he said he heard it like it was next to him.  There buck ran less than 20 yards and crashed in sight.  Normally while bow hunting I like to give my game at least an hour to pass, but on this occasion a little 6 pointer walked right past him about 5 minutes later and he did not move.  He was gone.  I was shocked at the effectiveness of this head.  When I climbed out of my blind I found my arrow with the Fixpandable tip barely stuck in a tree.  The amount of blood that was around there was insane.  It looked like it was poured out of a jug. 


The blood trail was steady and came out of both sides all the way to the deer.  It looked like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film.  I will continue shooting these broad heads, and have turned almost my entire staff at Archery America Outdoor Chronicles on to them.  In two seasons we have shot 6 deer with them and not lost a single one.  They are hands down the most amazing heads that I have shot and I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a new broad-head. 

Just make sure that bow hunting and broad-heads  are legal in your area.