A New Day.

Following an earlier accident where he walked away with out a scratch.

Young Ben was waiting by the side road, with his best friend after moving his car into a hedge, and while they were waiting on the police to arrive as his car was in a precarious place.

Then out of the darkness of the still country air, coming from the other direction, there was a load roar and a flash of lights..

We know here from Ben with his story.

My names Ben Blackford, I am 27. From a young age I knew shooting and hunting would be a great part of my life. At the age of 14 I attended my first day beating.

I enjoyed it so much and therefore done my work experience at the shoot. As soon as I left school at 16 I did a work based course in game keeping and completed my level 2 after 2 years. I then moved on to another shoot where we raised thousands of pheasants for other shoots plus the ones to be released where i was working.

After 3 seasons of working on this shoot I was diagnosed with M E which is chronic fatigue. I had to have 6 months off work. I was planning on returning to work but was involved in a serious accident. I and my best friend were pedestrians on the side of the road. The driver of a sports car, lost control and mounted the pavement, and we were both hit.

Unfortunately my best friend Luke died instantly. I was taken with the car through a six foot fence and trees and landed in a pond. From there I was taken to hospital where i was put into a coma because of my damages. I was then transferred to a specialist brain injury hospital. After 2 weeks I was taken out of the coma but from there I had to learn to walk and talk again. I had had a tracheotomy. I also fractured my back in four places.

Over the last 7 years I have had trouble with depression, anxiety and this has caused trouble going back to paid work. I have tried 6 jobs as a volunteer varying from working in a shoe repair shop to a tackle shop but i couldn’t cope.

Six years from the accident I re applied for my sgc and after meetings with my firearms officer and doctor we all felt I was OK to have my guns back. What I have done is created my own Facebook page to help others not only with shooting and fishing but to try and help others that may have a few life problems like I have had.

On a daily basis I have messages from people saying how my page helps them with their problems and that is what i set out to do .My page is… Hunting,fishing,by Ben .I have been on BBC South East news talking about my anxiety and depression and how my photography has helped. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload my videos.

Throughout the year i also try to help local farmers with free crop protection from pigeons, crows and rabbits in Sussex and Kent. My Life story is hopefully being published and shared in other magazines to try and help others out.

Ben Blackford

Headway Charity.

Ben’s page.

Please visit Ben’s Page and please pop over to the Headway charity, and see if you could give a little to go a long way.