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Rob has taken some young guns out and they  will be looking for themselves, in the pics below.

WOW am I knackered tonight, after an awesome day coaching young sports, on the peg. Game shooting in Dorset today, a dear friend and top shooting coach asked me along to help.

I telle what a sheer pleasure nay honour, to be there with a group of muckers and young sports, many of of whom this was their first time on live targets and boy oh boy didn’t they do well.

I saw a young lady take a cracking right then left on high curling hens, all the young Sports got at least a brace of birds and left with huge smiles, as we say at Pass It On Young Sports:


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Calling All Deer Stalkers.


Hi guys, I wanna be a pain for 2 mins of peoples time, could you all add to this map Ive made for the Diary, as we want to get an understanding of deer movement and populations,no need to give you shoots away, just tag an area near you and choose add marker then write in the box what you have around you. Many thanks Greg and and the Diary team.

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